Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wardrobe Basics 101

You google "Basic Minimalist Wardrobe" and you get lists of 30 plus! That ain't Minimalist or basic! Here's my top 10.

Top 10:

1. A perfect pair of jeans
2. Black pants - stretchy, slimming
3. The LBD
4. Plain Cotton Tee (in a block colour: e.g. black, white, navy)
5. Dark cardigan
6. Cocktail dress
7. A well-fitted jacket (leather, bomber or denim)
8. A-line black skirt
9. Black & White striped top
10. Black leggings

These are the "building blocks" of my wardrobe. With a nice scarf, belt and shoes, this basic 10 set can go far!

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