Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Linen Cupboards

I have two linen cupboards. Tall. Skinny. White. I quite like the smell of them. They are old. Like the house.

One side, I keep bed linen.

The other side, I keep towels.

I am trying to work out how many I actually need for my little family of 4. Do I need 4 beach towels? or 8? or 12 just in case friends need them too?

I am trying to work out how many I actually need rather than "just in case", and how many I need so that I am not washing every day. I think Miss Minimalist's One is a bit extreme! ;) (Awesome blog!)

Miss Minimalist

And what about bath towels? I think I could cope with two.

At the end of the day, no matter what the number, it is about editing. For the first time in my life, I had a linen cupboard - at my last rental place - and it got crammed full of stuff. Mostly stuff that we've been given. I think at last count, I had 26 beach towels???? I've now donated most of them, and own 8.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Some ideas for downsizing your (unused) wardrobe:

1. Give to Family
2. Give to Friends
3. Donate to Vinnies or Anglicare
4. Sell on ebay or gumtree. You can also give away for free on gumtree.
5. Go to a clothes swap e.g. The Clothing Exchange in Sydney
Visit: The Clothing Exchange
6. Fitted for Work - helping disadvantaged women get back into the workforce
Visit: Fitted for Work
7. Offer it for free on FB. Or Freecycle.

What do I do with Toys?

8 of my 11 boxes stored here

It's pretty challenging trying to be Minimalist when you are a Mum!

Suddenly what you own grows exponentially. And you have no control. You get given stuff by very generous friends and family. It's toys, toys and more toys!!!

Before kids, Husband used to joke, "They will get a suitcase each. And whatever doesn't fit, they don't keep" Ha! Only if.

I like Bea's policy - from Zero Waste Home blog - she lets her boys have four medium sized boxes/crates. When they want to add a new toy to their collection, she asks them to go through what they already own and donate. Then they make space in one of the boxes. One in, One Out. I like the idea that she teaches them to Edit. And Give. You can't just keep adding to your pile.

Right now, I have 11 medium boxes.

Counting and taking stock. It's a small step.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When One is Enough: One Handbag

When one can be enough, embrace it!

1 Handbag
1 Swimsuit
1 PJs
1 Belt
1 Winter Coat
1 Pair of Black Shoes
1 Hat

I have one Handbag.

Recently, I bought a new handbag. I had to replace my old one because the zipper broke. I was very sad about this. I had only owned it for five years. Things don't last that long!!

The new bag is pretty good...quality leather, small, compact, lovely brown, and has several compartments. The only thing is the straps are too short and it does not go over & across my shoulders. I now realise this is really annoying. I need both hands - dealing with children! Oh well!! One bag. I'm stuck with it. :)

It's funny how, for me, it was a source of secret pride that I have only one bag. But one of my good friends told me recently how she felt sorry for me because I obviously didn't have time to go shopping (too busy with little kids).

It got me thinking, why I choose to have only one bag.

I think it's because I don't want or need variety. I just want quality. And you can only use one bag at a time!

So one bag it is.