Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minimising Rubbish

I have recently bought two bins - a bokashi bin and a compost bin. I need to get one more - a benchtop compost bin - this will complete my bin collection.

A boskashi bin is good for dealing with ALL kitchen waste, including meat and bones. You just need to sprinkle with the magic sawdust (bokashi additives) and bury the waste in your garden once it has been 'pickled'.

My compost bin is a massive 190L black one on wheels. I can turn it to air it and move it around the garden to chase the sun. I will be putting all my fruit and veg waste here, plus newspaper and grass cuttings.

I am very excited about minimising rubbish. Now I just gotta watch plastic packaging I bring home. I'm aiming for one small bag of rubbish per week.

Decluttering my Wallet

It all started with a nice wallet I got for a present for my birthday. My 30th.

I started cleaning out my old wallet...getting rid of old receipts, expired cards, train tickets etc. Then I went onto cleaning out my handbag. There were about six pens in there, old lolly wrappers, and numerous coffee cards. It felt very good chucking out bits and pieces, tidying up and just holding onto the essentials.

This is the Handbag Items List:

1 Wallet
1 Phone
1 set of Keys
1 Lip balm
1 Handkerchief
1 Pen
1 Moleskin

This is how my minimalist and decluttering journey begin. With a humble wallet!

The Zero Waste Home

I've stumbled across this blog a couple of years ago. She is an inspiration!
Bea lives with her husband and two boys...and produces NO RUBBISH.

Besides being Zero Waste, she is also quite Minimalist. Her house is vision of white with only the essentials and absolutely no clutter. Her wardrobe, of course, is also minimal and not wasteful.

Bea's wardrobe:

9 tops
5 sweaters (3)/cardigans (2)
5 bottoms
3 dresses
5 intimates types
6 shoes
3 bags
5 jackets
9 accessories


Minimalist Wardrobe: shoes

All good Minimalist blogs start with an inventory of the wardrobe...starting with shoes!

I'm afraid I own 16 pairs of shoes.

I don't know how this has happened. I guess you just keep buying, without thinking. Without thinking, "I have enough". I want to get down to 8.

The list:

2 uggs - one short, one long
1 black flat shoes
2 pairs of heels - black, white
4 pairs of sneakers - blue, brown, white, orange
2 knee high boots - black, brown
1 ankle boots - black
1 thongs
1 Birkenstock
1 sandals
1 Hockey shoes

I only wear 3 regularly (summer) - red thongs, silver Birkies and brown leather sandals.

So...really, I only need 3 for Summer. And 3 for aim for 6, rather than 8?