Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Practising Minimalist Self-Control at the local op-shop

I was very proud of myself today as I found but did not buy the red Alice McCall dress at the local op-shop.

Well, only a little bit proud, as I spent $19 a couple of days ago buying bits and pieces. Some needed, some not so needed.

gumboots for M $4.00
Maternity top for me $5.00
camping tea pot $3.00
melamine tray $2.00
silk scarf 50c
newborn top, New (Made in France) $4.00
sunglasses for E 50c

My excuse is that, had I been alone, the total tally would have come down by three.

However, that is still quite a few items. I always try and do a net-zero or net-negative so that the number of items I donate is greater than the number of items I bring home after an op-shop visit. I'm not sure if this is actually working to minimise Stuff in my home.

Op-shops are my weakness. I detest shopping centres but I love op-shops.

Step Away from the Op-Shop!!!

Packing the Day Bag

Packing the day bag for your kids involve a lot fo "Just In Case" things. I get paranoid thinking that one day I forget something, is the day I really need it.

Packing the Day Bag has become much easier now that the kids are out of nappies. Also, the eldest (6 yrs) doesn't need a change of clothes every time we go out.

I still need:
change of clothes for daughter (3 yrs)
water bottles x 3
baby wipes & hankies
band-aids & Paw Paw cream

So, as you can see, it's fairly compact, and can all fit in a small bag. I am, however, going back to packing for a baby as well in February. This means...8-10 nappies a day, as well all the other paraphernalia e.g. spare clothes x4, burp towels, nappy cream, bibs, wraps, toys, sling, pram, Moses basket...

I am looking forward to going out with just a small handbag when the kids are all "growed-up". I've seen older mums do this on their way to the city or something. I've admired them in the distance. :)

*for emergencies only: long car trips, long waits in a queue etc.