Saturday, August 18, 2012

Simple Goals for Each Day

1. Cook dinner.
2. Put a load of washing on. (Then hang, then bring in, then fold, then put away).
3. Help 6 year old with Homework.
4. Keep 3 year old occupied & happy while big brother does above homework.
5. Carry baby on my back from 4-7 PM.

(Then have a glass of wine!)

Giant Teddy & Giant Pillows

My parents are always telling me, "Space is Money".

When I buy them something they say, "Where am I going to store that?" and "I'm going to have to rearrange my garage..." and, "Lucky I am very good at Space Management".

Actually it's just my darling Dad.

Anyway, the other day they bought my two kids (one still in utero back then), a GIANT pillow each and a GIANT teddy. The pillow is now taking up 1/3 of their beds.

ARRGGHH!!! Daaaaad!!!