Thursday, January 26, 2012

Garage Sale

I don't have enough stuff to sell to organise my own garage sale, but when a friend was having one, I scrummaged around to find some stuff to sell.

I fell into the trap of "What can I get for this?" rather than "How can I price this so it goes out the door?"

I sold one item, a little glass candle holder, quite heavy, and pretty, and expensive glass, but rightly priced at $2.

The other items, I may have over-priced.

A woollen Portmans top $5
A big cane basket $5
A ceramic oven dish $4
A pair of jeans $5
A big cane basket $8
A jacket $5
A stripey collared shirt $5

I should have made everything $2! Then I would have made $20 :)
My friend made $70.

Learn from her next time.

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