Monday, February 14, 2011

Miss Minimalist 10 Items Wardrobe

Meet Miss Minimalist.
The Minimalist Wardrobe (aka The 10-Item Wardrobe)

WOW! 10 items.

She has owned the above LBD since 1998!!!!! What a legend.

5 More Minimalist Blogs to Help Simplify Your Life

After a brief Google search, I came across this article. Currently I am reading through Miss Minimalist. She is very articulate and intelligent, and her writing is a pleasure to read.

5 More Minimalist Blogs to Help Simplify Your Life

This is one of all-time my favourite sites.

Since uni days I have pored over the pages, memorising the packing list, and drawing up a "wish list". I've always wanted a silk inner liner sheet!

It advocates Light Travel - which means travelling with one bag; one carry-on bag.

I love this idea. I've done it ONCE. When I travelled to Korea by myself back in 2004. It was a pretty good feeling. So light and free. While everybody is queuing up to pick up their luggage, you are on your way, hopping into a taxi, with just one small backpack on your back.

The list is pretty minimal. The best tip is minimising clothing. What is the saying? "Lay out everything you are going to take on your trip. Then half the clothing. Double the Money".

For me, three outfits is plenty. Plus you can wash as you go. Coordinating colours is the key, so everything goes with everything. I've pretty much stuck to black, grey and dark green.

Here is the list: One bag packing list

Minimalist Living Room

My living room is the most minimal room in the house. The kids' bedrooms and the play room are a different matter. But for now, I will enjoy my living room!

It gives me great satisfaction that the room only takes 2 seconds to tidy, and that I don't feel like I need to add anything else to it. I don't need a TV. I don't need 6 more cushions. I don't need 16 more photo frames.

I have Enough Stuff.


1 modular corner lounge
2 cushions
1 rug
2 small side tables
1 sideboard
1 floor lamp
1 Marantz sound system
1 photo frame
1 antique camera
1 Union Jack teatowel

And that's all folks!