Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not much to steal

There is a very funny article on Miss Minimalist about being broken into and the police coming and seeing the house, saying, "Wow, they really cleaned you out!" When in fact, they just took some jewellery and a bit of cash out of desperation - there was nothing to steal.

This is what her living room consisted of: one couch, fairy lights and a lamp.


Read her article here: Nothing To Steal.

There's not much to steal here either at my place. If we got broken into, what would they take?

1. The laptop: but it's old...

2. The camera: again, old...

3. My reindeer hide: expensive but quite 'unusual'. I'm not sure if the thief would like it. Not to everybody's taste.

I really can't think of anything else that's worth stealing!! No cash, no jewellery, no smokes...maybe some canned goods (tuna, lychees, tomatoes) if they were very desperate and hungry.

*My beloved can of lychees - in Maoist style can design. I love it!

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