Sunday, November 20, 2011

Clutter-free space: is it achievable?

I look at the clutter on my desk, in my kitchen, in the toy room...and the short and simple answer right now is a resounding 'NO'.

I wonder if I will ever achieve a clean, clutter-free space. There's a limit to what you can get rid of. There's stuff you need, and stuff you use everyday.

I guess it's a matter of having a system that works.

My mother-in-law has stacks of stuff, but her house is always tidy. It is way more tidy than my so called Minimalist house. I don't have a lot of stuff, but I find keeping the house tidy a constant challenge. I do have little kids...but I don't want that to be my excuse. At the time, I don't want to spend my every spare minute tidying up.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

These are my thoughts:

1. Stop Adding to the clutter. Stop Buying.

2. Get a storage system that works.

3. Put everything away. Every day.

4. Memorise this Mantra: A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place.

5. Give away one thing a day!

I need to come up with a working system for the toy room. Currently, I have a couple of big toys on the floor, plus a big basket that holds bits and pieces. And a small bookshelf. It's all very messy.

I would like two or three low-line credenzas to put Everything away.


I don't want to see anything!

Friday, November 18, 2011

I Heart Freecyle!

I am part of Freecycle, a community online group that gives away "free stuff" and save them from going to landfill if they have a few more years of life left. You can also ask for stuff and see if anyone has it lying around, not being used...

I have just given away on freecycle:

1. Portable air conditioner

2. A big brown leather bag/nappy bag

3. A bag of toiletries/personal care products

I'm still sometimes amazed at what people would take...or offer. You are not allowed to offer your children on Freecycle (!)

The bag of personal care products are not all new. But some are good brands. So some people want them! I don't think everyone joins Freecycle for environmental reasons, but I don't care, as long as they are reducing stuff going to landfill and reducing crap at my house!

Thank you!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Minimal Presents at Christmas

Minimising presents for Christmas...

1. One book & one toy for Son
2. One book & one toy for Daughter
3. One cycling related item for Husband
4. One book & one toy for my Niece
5. One book each for my four god-children


I've had a Bad Month

I've had a bad month.

Firstly, I went to IKEA...!

Then I went to the local op-shop. Every week.

Then I went to a garage sale.

I didn't need anything in particular, but it's very strange how you "find" things to buy when you are not thinking/concentrating/focussing!!!!

I went to IKEA to exchange some dining chairs. Instead I came home $120 poorer and bought:

1. Christmas decorations x 3
2. Wrapping paper
3. Three foldable chairs
4. Bed linen for M
5. Plastic storage containers x 3

I've been visiting the local op-shop very regularly and this is my downfall. I need to stop going! Or just go to donate.

1. 93 dice (!)
2. A black and cream lace Cooper St top
3. Maternity dress
4. A white Scandinavian metal camping kettle
5. 4 tier stainless steel Indian lunch box
6. Boardies for M
7. Salt & pepper set in the shape of a cracked egg

I shouldn't beat myself up too is November.

And I've done ok for the year till now. But I need to concentrate and re-focus. And work on minimising Stuff in my life. I need to be prepared for Christmas...oh, the onslaught of Stuff!


Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Simplify Life

This is how I am trying to Simplify things at the moment...

1. Eating simple meals - cutting out fancy ingredients, gradually cutting out meat.

2. Getting rid of excess stuff - esp. decorative ornaments. Less dusting. Less organisation. Less storage.

3. Simplifying schedule - saying "no" to things. Not filling up every spare minute. Not being busy.

4. Meditating on God's Word everyday. Focus on what is really important.

5. Rather than doing things with "stuff" or worse, buying more "stuff", getting creative - making something with the kids, draw, paint etc.

6. Own Less. Donate More. See point 2.

7. Get outside more. Enjoy God's nature, e.g. bushwalking, swimming, picnic, bike-riding.