Monday, November 7, 2011

How to Simplify Life

This is how I am trying to Simplify things at the moment...

1. Eating simple meals - cutting out fancy ingredients, gradually cutting out meat.

2. Getting rid of excess stuff - esp. decorative ornaments. Less dusting. Less organisation. Less storage.

3. Simplifying schedule - saying "no" to things. Not filling up every spare minute. Not being busy.

4. Meditating on God's Word everyday. Focus on what is really important.

5. Rather than doing things with "stuff" or worse, buying more "stuff", getting creative - making something with the kids, draw, paint etc.

6. Own Less. Donate More. See point 2.

7. Get outside more. Enjoy God's nature, e.g. bushwalking, swimming, picnic, bike-riding.

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