Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've had a Bad Month

I've had a bad month.

Firstly, I went to IKEA...!

Then I went to the local op-shop. Every week.

Then I went to a garage sale.

I didn't need anything in particular, but it's very strange how you "find" things to buy when you are not thinking/concentrating/focussing!!!!

I went to IKEA to exchange some dining chairs. Instead I came home $120 poorer and bought:

1. Christmas decorations x 3
2. Wrapping paper
3. Three foldable chairs
4. Bed linen for M
5. Plastic storage containers x 3

I've been visiting the local op-shop very regularly and this is my downfall. I need to stop going! Or just go to donate.

1. 93 dice (!)
2. A black and cream lace Cooper St top
3. Maternity dress
4. A white Scandinavian metal camping kettle
5. 4 tier stainless steel Indian lunch box
6. Boardies for M
7. Salt & pepper set in the shape of a cracked egg

I shouldn't beat myself up too is November.

And I've done ok for the year till now. But I need to concentrate and re-focus. And work on minimising Stuff in my life. I need to be prepared for Christmas...oh, the onslaught of Stuff!


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