Sunday, November 20, 2011

Clutter-free space: is it achievable?

I look at the clutter on my desk, in my kitchen, in the toy room...and the short and simple answer right now is a resounding 'NO'.

I wonder if I will ever achieve a clean, clutter-free space. There's a limit to what you can get rid of. There's stuff you need, and stuff you use everyday.

I guess it's a matter of having a system that works.

My mother-in-law has stacks of stuff, but her house is always tidy. It is way more tidy than my so called Minimalist house. I don't have a lot of stuff, but I find keeping the house tidy a constant challenge. I do have little kids...but I don't want that to be my excuse. At the time, I don't want to spend my every spare minute tidying up.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

These are my thoughts:

1. Stop Adding to the clutter. Stop Buying.

2. Get a storage system that works.

3. Put everything away. Every day.

4. Memorise this Mantra: A Place for Everything, and Everything in its Place.

5. Give away one thing a day!

I need to come up with a working system for the toy room. Currently, I have a couple of big toys on the floor, plus a big basket that holds bits and pieces. And a small bookshelf. It's all very messy.

I would like two or three low-line credenzas to put Everything away.


I don't want to see anything!

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  1. The trofast IKEA system really helped with our toys - the kids are able to pack stuff away & then it's out of sight in the boxes. We also keep most of the toys in the bedroom, rather than downstairs. Then we just bring out a box of toys to play with & pack them away at the end.

    But, we have lots of other clutter. Often it's things I need to do, that I just leave sitting on the bench/table until it gets done - toys that need new batteries, bills that need to be paid, things that need to get put away in the garage, etc. The clutter on my bench/table drives me nuts. But every time I clear it away, it seems to collect again within a day or too.

    I think it's ok to blame the kids G :P It's because I'm running around after kids that I don't have time to finish all those little jobs. One day they will all be at school & I will have a very tidy house. But for now, it's nice to spend time with them :)