Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good-bye Steve Jobs: a Genius & a Minimalist

Sad news of Steve Jobs' passing. He was a creative Genius. And he gave consumers products we didn't even know we wanted.

He was a Minimalist for sure.

Take his Uniform for example - his black turtleneck, a 501 Levis denim jeans and New Balance sneakers. At every convention, every product launch, every speaking thing, he wore the same outfit.

According to an Apple journalist Matthew Powell, Steve Jobs switched to his more casual outfit from suits and bow ties "so that he didn't waste time thinking about what to wear when he should be thinking about Apple."

I think Steve Jobs embodied Simplicity and Perfection.

Sure he created Products we don't really Need, but if we could Choose one, we would choose Apple. (I say this as I type this post on my macbook).

Good-bye to a Genius and a Minimalist.

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