Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saying No to Freebies

I joined the local gym the other day, and the gym guy tried to give me a "free" bag. I politely said, "No thanks", adding that I already had a backpack.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

Hey! I'm not going to do Free Advertising for you!! and as I said, I already have a backpack.

There are so many "freebies" given away these days - free pens, free mugs, free mousepads, free fridge magnets, free notepads etc.

I really don't need to bring these home. It's easier to not bring stuff into the house in the first place, rather than trying to sort through, recycle, donate, and declutter at the other end.

No Thank You!


  1. It's hard sometimes to say "no" when things are free! This is true of kids' stuff too. When you have a baby, you are offered so much hand-me-down stuff and, if you accept everything, you end up with so much that you don't use or need. I like this idea of saying "no" Glorya - would have saved me many trips to Vinnies (with spare prams, clothes, rockers, etc)

  2. I agree!!! I used to be amazed at ALL the stuff I was given when I had my first baby. Now I know it was just dumping!! ;)

    Jokes aside, people have been very generous and kind. But I've become a bit more choosy now.

    With baby 3 on the way, I've only got 2 bags of baby clothes. Let's see how we go.

  3. Most of the time they are rubbish and take up my cupboard space! A lady in a supermarket wanted to give me their promotion goodies....BBQ sauces. I said 'ah no thanks'. The guy behind me said 'I'll have it!'.

    I agree with you!! it's very easy to accept it if they are free but really, do we need it??