Sunday, October 9, 2011

7 Reasons to Buy Second-Hand

1. Secondhand Goods are less expensive

2. Secondhand Goods don't require new resources to make

3. Secondhand Goods are better made

4. Secondhand Goods don't generate pollution

5. Secondhand Goods don't come with plastic packaging

6. Secondhand Goods - You are stopping it from going to landfill

7. Secondhand Goods - You are supporting a charity and/or the local economy

Read more here: Peak Oil Hausfrau

Of course, there are times you cannot buy second-hand with safety and hygiene issues, e.g. underwear, swimmers, car seats, helmets.

And sometimes, you don't have Time to look for something secondhand. Buying from garage sales, vintage shops, op-shops and ebay takes time. So for convenience, we need to go the Shops.

But most things I reckon I can get second-hand. And there are some gems I have discovered at vinnies, flea markets and garage sales.

I have bought:

Sass & Bide jeans
Lee jeans
Country Road pure wool black cardigan
Milkshake skirt
Easiyo yoghurt maker
Vintage Smurf hankerchiefs
Silk scarf
1920s vintage vase
Vintage wooden Babar puzzles
Photo frames
1950s melamine trays
Vintage Weet Box tin
Airplane cutlery

This is my most recent purchase...I know, this is a Minimalist blog, and I shouldn't be adding things to my collection...but how could I resist?

Even a Minimalist couldn't resist ;)

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  1. Now I have three vintage cameras. Here endeth the Collection. :)