Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things You Can Borrow

I was going to put up on Facebook recently all the pictures of dresses I currently own and title it, "Things you can borrow". The idea of owning 27 dresses because we go to a wedding twice a year is ludicrous and wasteful to me.

We all own about 6 (or more!!) and if we pooled our resources, we don't have to keep buying! Just share.

Things you can borrow from me:

1. Dresses - I have a few nice black ones, and a bright blue chong-sam. I'm size 10.

2. Books - lots of parenting books. 19.

3. Toys - actually you can take some. Please.

4. Interior magazines - I think I will donate these soon to a dentist friend at church. For his reception.

5. Coats - dark green, leather, houndstooth, black, camel, and grey. For winter weddings, to go with the dresses. As you can see, I still have a lot of decluttering to do.

You* are more than welcome to BORROW. If I am helping someone to consume less, spend less, and store less stuff...and my stuff gets used instead, I will be a very happy person indeed!

*You: meaning we are friends, and I know you, and your phone no. and you will probably return my things!


  1. Glorya, love your posts, they make me :) and think! I am with you on the toy front. x

  2. thanks Jen! :) the pile just grows, doesn't it?? I really don't understand! :)