Sunday, August 21, 2011

Minimalist Bathroom

You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff I have in the bathroom. And I'm not a girly, cream, make-up sort of person!! It scares me how much you can accumulate in a short period of time. I have been in this house a couple of months and I thought I decluttered a lot of stuff when I moved.

Really, what do I need?

cleanser & moisturiser
toothpaste & toothbrush & floss
shampoo & conditioner
a little bit of make-up (I am, after all, over 30!!)

Instead, I have:
(see picture)

I really have to do something about this insane amount of stuff in the bathroom.

Keep It Simple!!


  1. Is that the stuff you have out (in which case, that's a lot), or the entire contents of your cupboards (because then you're doing pretty well ;)). Some of it just looks like bulk-buying? (eg. toothbrushes)

  2. that's the lot! but it doesn't include stuff from kids' bathroom. I do like bulk buying, but herein lies the dilemma!!! do I store stuff in bulk or do I go minimal?? minimal looks better ;)

  3. bulk is cheaper - wise use of money on essentials is good stewardship imo. kind of like the present box, but even more important stuff!

  4. I bulk buy too :) (which is why I was surprised that's "all" you have!). Our bathroom cupboard is pretty full...