Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Husband does not want me to talk to you! what a friend told me this morning at church!!! HAHAHAHA

Ladies, PLEASE ask your husband's permission first before you throw/recycle/donate anything! I understand that his gross, disgusting, holey shirt back from uni days needs to go (not even worth using as a rag) but still, it's his property! :)

Some tips if you are married to a non-minimalist:

1. Give him a one in one out rule. My wise mother-in-law applies this with boats. My Good Husband has applied this to himself. Now he is donating his spare bike to his dad. And just keeping one. (A very good, expensive, good-looking one).

2. Designate a room/corner/garage where he can keep his mess. I'm not going to bother you there!

3. Kindly offer to declutter for him :)

4. Space is limited. Explain the logic - you can't just keep adding to your socks drawer, the space doesn't magically expand with more purchasing - again Rule #1 applies here. You've got some new socks, throw some old ones out!

5. Give him a limit and ask him to stick to it. He likes jeans? Please keep it to 8 pairs. (Really, 1 is good, but I guess you can't expect him to become a Minimalist overnight). He likes suits? He can probably get by with 6. My husband has a growing t shirt collection. He has about 28. But he only wears his favourite four or five. Now how do I encourage him to ditch the rest?!

6. Practise what you preach - I'm talking to myself here. I can't nag Husband about his clutter if I haven't done anything about my piles of books and papers. Get sorted, Glorya!

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