Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cleaning out your undies drawer

I cleaned out my Bedside table. Boy, it was good!!!!

I threw out all the socks with holes in them. And the too-stretched ones. I threw out all the undies that I no longer wear (uncomfortable, hole-y). Now I only own big, cotton, very attractive, granny undies. 8.

My bedside table is now very Neat and Tidy. It definitely appeals to my slight OCD streak... everything is folded and in their little corner. I love it.

I do however own about 88 hankies. But I think at this stage of my life (little kiddies), I need every single one of them. I tell myself, this is instead of buying boxes of tissues (wasteful and un-green).

So I will make room in my heart to store the 88 hankies for now.


  1. I keep finding my hankies... Tissues are one of the few disposible items i just can't live without! I need to get back into hankies... I want the kids to see them as normal!

  2. I find they "hold" more than tissues :)