Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The more you throw out, the easier it gets...

I am finding that it is getting easier to Let Go of Stuff.

The pair of jeans I've been holding on just in case I get down a size...the silk pjs I got for Mother's Day but never wore...

It's hard to throw it out when you start thinking too much about it. I bought those jeans on ebay for $$, the pjs were a present for me...etc etc

I can think up all sorts of reasons why I should hold onto them. But the reality is, if I am not using them, I'm just storing them! And...someone else can use them.

The more I throw out, the easier it gets.

And after a few weeks, I can't remember them or think to miss them! All I'm enjoying now, is the extra clean space in my wardrobe. Clutter free!

You do get better at it - try it, and become ruthless :)

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  1. So true! I threw out heaps of clothes at the beginning of winter & I haven't missed them at all! Now I'm looking at our other clothes (both mine & the kids') & thinking we could easily have about half as many. One thing I like about having less is that it encourages me to empty the clean washing baskets more often. If we had less clothing, I would empty them even more frequently :)