Monday, June 20, 2011

Travelling with Two Undies: is it possible?

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I love travel packing lists.

I am always reading them and dreaming about a 6 week train trip across the Darjeeling in India.

And this leads me underwear! I came across a few people recommending ExOfficio underwear on Travel Forums.

Their tagline is: 17 countries. 6 weeks. One Pair of Underwear. Ok, Maybe Two.

I've ordered one on ebay to give it a trial run. I'll keep you posted.

You may think this is crazy, but really, how many do you wear at any given time? One. And how many spares do you need? One. Wash one, wear one. One plus one is Two.

P.S Husband thinks I'm absolutely Mad for going to Korea with two undies. I never said that I was Normal when we got married ;)


  1. It depends on how you are going to wash hand then it's fine and easy. However, if you are going to machine wash clothing everyday then it's going to use alot of energy. Plus, just having two undies will wear them out....

  2. Oh, no! hand wash of course. they're quick dry :)

  3. not cotton. Some fancy dry-quick material. Hence the trial run :)

  4. I've just washed them. so will test this week. they feel pretty good - not too synthetic-ky. and kind of mesh breathable material.

  5. very nice. breathable. I'm now waiting to see if they dry overnight after a hand wash :)

  6. Verdict is YES: it is possible to travel with 2 undies!!! :) It dried overnight. A bit expensive at $23, but I'm working towards carry-on only.