Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have no qualms about re-gifting.

But I want to understand why people find it so irksome and embarrassing. Is it because they don't want to seem stingy? Or is it because it's not a personalised gift?

I don't understand the fuss, really. Someone gives you something you don't need or like. You say "thank you", you pretend you like it, then you keep it and store it for the rest of your life because re-gifting seems rude and you don't want to offend the Giver.

This is illogical to me.

Why not give it to someone else, who will like it, use it and not WASTE it.

It's the thought that counts, right? Yes, I have received your thoughts of love and generosity... and now I can move the gift along to someone who will actually use it, and I don't have to store it. I have stored the warm feelings on the inside :)

Things I have re-gifted:

1. Books - If I already have it, I'm not going to keep it just to not offend!

2. Jewellery - It's such a personal thing with jewellery. Even Husband gets it wrong sometimes ;) I usually ask someone if they want it.

3. Perfume - I don't wear perfume anymore.

4. Baby stuff - too small or double-ups.

5. Platters - I got given 17 platters for my Engagement party. I don't need 17 platters!

6. Dessert wine - Too sweet.

7. Purse - Not my colour. Too small.

Now, the problem with this post is that from now on, all the gifts I give to my friends, they are going to wonder if it has been re-gifted!!

Special thanks to my friend Marinka for post idea.

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