Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minimising Toys on Travels

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I am aiming at taking three backpacks so I will work towards minimising toys to take on this trip:

1. A small bag of lego for my son (aged 5). It will amuse him (and his Dad :p ) for hours. (1)

2. Colouring-in books, writing books, pencils, textas and stickers for the plane trip. (3)

3. I am considering taking the ipad to play games, look at photos & videos, listen to music and stories. (1)

4. Bedtime friends: a little dog for son, and a doll for daughter. (2)

5. Books: as they are heavy, can't take too many. And I would like to bring back some Korean kids books. So I might take 6. 3 each. Plus a kids Bible. (7)

6. I like the idea of taking fly swats (clean & new!) and a couple of ballons to amuse the kids at airports if we have to wait. They can play badminton. (2)

7. A small collection of kitchen things e.g. tea set. They like playing "house" and "restaurant". (1)

8. Torches: not exactly a toy, but still very useful and it's fun to play with light. Packing extra batteries. (2)

Total no. of items: 19.

Yikes! It's not very Minimal.


  1. I have found that whenever we have travelled that we haven't needed many toys because we are doing so much else, whether it's on holidays or visiting grandparents.
    I've only had one needing toys when we have been anywhere but I take for him (he's now 4 1/2):
    - about six Bob machines (favourite toys)
    - a colouring book, notebook, crayons
    - an ipod that a grown up is taking anyway
    - his dog he sleeps with
    - three often brand new books, plus a bible story book. Now he's happy to just listen from our Bible. Next time we go down to visit grandparents we'll probably just take him one chapter book.
    - UNO cards

    Everything has to be able to fit in my bag that I take on the plane.

  2. Thanks for the list!! that's really compact :)

  3. Could I suggest eBooks for your iPad? There are lots in the iTunes store under "books". There are also some in the apps section (eg. Thomas & Friends and Sesame Street both have books; I also got a free app with a collection of kids stories that Calvin likes)

  4. I agreed. I found P didn't need toys while away. Plenty to keep them occupy, P spent alot time with other children in the neighbourhood and picking flowers! I brought colouring in and some small toys with me but she only needed 2 bedtime books, a pen and her bedtime friend. I guess she is only 2 years old though (5 years old is going to be different, they will get bored easily)

  5. hmm...maybe I could get down to 9 instead of 19. thanks for tips!