Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gift Box

I have a gift box up on my wardrobe shelf that houses gifts for most occasions.

A friend I used to meet up one-on-one to read the bible with told me that her mother had a Gift Box and she had got her current wallet from there (She had to put $20 back in). I thought, "WOW! so organised" But now I realise you have No Choice when you have kids, because gone are the days when you just "Pop In" to the shops. This is good in many ways - you don't waste as much money! But it also means you have to be organised because you can't just duck out every time you need a present for an occasion.

When I have the opportunity, I jump on it and spend $$$ to stock up.

While it is not "Minimal" in that there are many things in IS minimal in that it minimises Stress, Time and Hassle! Plus I try stocking up when sales are on.

What's in there:

1. Baby gifts - when people have babies. So there are bonds suits (about 20), plus books & crayons for the older siblings.

2. Lego - about 5 or 6 boxes. This sets up my 5 yr old son for friends' birthday parties for a couple of months.

3. Olive soap - beautiful, soft, non-toxic stuff. You can even wash your hair with it.

4. Books - mostly kids' books.

5. Art prints - from the Art Gallery of NSW. About $30.

6. Jewellery (not re-gifted!) - bangles, necklace, earrings. I recently took one out to keep for myself (oops!)

7. Stuff from the Art Scene in West Ryde - a lovely little art/framing shop with really cool things for kids e.g. fat crayons, vintage paper boats, water paints, colouring in books.
Here's a link to their website: Art Scene

8. Perfume - for men.


  1. I have a gift drawer - mainly with new baby gifts and a couple of other things (mostly regifting stuff though).
    I think as my kids get older and go to parties more your idea of having Lego etc is great! I'll have to upgrade to a box though - the drawer is full already. :)

  2. hurray! someone else who thinks re-gifting is not a silly/absurd idea :)

  3. We had a gift box, but it exploded. It's now a gift box + shelf (over half of the top of our wardrobe...). I re-gift too, but only stuff that is still in its box. I am happy to give away stuff that is used, but I feel uncomfortable calling it a "gift".

  4. I only give "used" things I find from vintage shops, op shops & markets if I know for certain that the friend is OK with it!!

  5. I have one too, my neighbour put me onto this idea. I love the sales tables at Five Senses toy shop for kids books. I also have lego in there.

  6. Five Senses at North Rocks? such a great shop :)