Saturday, May 14, 2011


We don't have a TV. It's something we often "brag" about. ;)

See link here to the onion article: (Thanks BB).

When we got married ten years ago, we didn't buy a TV straight away because we wanted to "just talk" and "focus on our relationship". It lasted six months (!)

Ten years on, and we don't have a TV again...mostly because we bought a new (second-hand) lounge and it was a tad big for our tiny living room. It is a modular corner lounge, and it covered the TV socket on the wall. So for a few days, the TV kind of just hung around, getting in the way, not plugged in...and then the light went on. Why keep it? Why not get rid of it?

Now, we quite enjoy not having one.

Here are some of my reasons why:

More time - For me, it was such a time-waster. I would watch at least one show every night. Sometimes even two. It was becoming a very bad habit - of thinking I could only unwind and relax in front of the TV.

More fun stuff - With the "spare" time, we've now started doing some fun stuff. Husband has taken up a new hobby - guitar - and is even getting lessons. I read a lot more, listen to music, and have started some serious decluttering! (and writing about it on this blog).

Good for the kids - It's less "just-sitting-there" activity, less advertising, and less fighting over what to watch (with the big age gap & gender difference, my kids watch different things). More time for them to just be, play, and make things. I am very lucky to have a massive I just lock them out there for the afternoon.

Less furniture - I've only got a lounge & a sideboard in my living room. I don't need another bulky piece of furniture to house the TV, DVD player and remotes.

Less dusting - as above.

Less electricity - I hear that the flat screens are huge energy suckers.

Less worry - if I spent a fair bit of money on a nice flat screen, I would worry about the kids damaging it, or it being stolen. But with less stuff, there's not much you would steal here. ;)

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