Sunday, May 22, 2011

My House is not All White & Minimalist

I wish it was!

I'm working on it - as one box leaves the house each box of unused things. Things that others can use. Things that I don't need to hold on to indefinitely.

Husband is always saying to me, "Watch out, people will come over and look at our place and say, 'This is not Minimalist!'"

Very true. We have our messes and piles. A few...or six.

The next few projects are:

1. Desk

2. Kids play area - this is almost untameable!!!

3. Photos & Negatives

4. Camping gear

I've tackled the filing cabinet and I am proud to say that I was not defeated! :) I am now giving it away to a friend. I've transferred all our papers into folders. Not exactly minimalist (as I have ten (!)), but definitely less bulky than a filing cabinet. And easier to file and access. They are also lime green, which is a very attractive colour.


  1. We are also in the process of tackling the filing cabinets (that's right... plural... we have TWO!). I went through the files & chucked heaps of stuff. Have signed up for paperless billing with a few companies, need to chase that up with a few more. My goal is to get down to just 1 filing cabinet (we will never go without - they contain Franky's work samples etc).

  2. I'm sure yours is much better organised than mine ever was! The filing cabinet didn't work at my house because I used to just file EVERYTHING. File and Forget.

  3. We have 3 filing drawers and all the papers get dumped on top of them. Folders are a great idea! I just did the pantry and I love it! I labeled everything, I am in love with the label machine. Good thing we just borrow it or I think I might label the fridge...

  4. HAHAHA! I would label my children and husband if they let me. Is it one of those fancy ones you can do see-thru labels? and you can go sideways or up&down? :)