Sunday, May 29, 2011

Give Away Box

I have a box in my bedroom that is ready to go to Vinnies*. It's the Permanent Give Away Box. There's a nice Vinnies up the road, with nice old friendly ladies volunteering there. The box gets filled up with things that I no longer need.

Once it gets full, I put it on the pram and go for a walk up the road and donate the box.

It's a bit messy having a box out permanently, but I find if it's not in there, it's all too easy to put whatever I no longer need back in storage.

One downside is that the kids sometimes rummage through it and suddenly decide something is their new favourite toy. So I usually try and disguise it with an old item of clothing on top. Or put a lid on the box. Or get it out the door quick - during their sleep time.

It's good to not think too much about it! I try to follow my guts. I haven't used it, I don't really like it goes. Don't think about how much it cost, who gave it to you, how the kids used to play with it etc. Because more often than not, I'm not going to miss it. In fact, I don't think I can even remember what was in last week's box.

*St Vincent de Paul's: a charity store. I think Americans call them Goodwill stores. There's a few others in Sydney like Anglicare and Salvos (Salvation Army), usually run by a church, selling secondhand goods to help the disadvantaged. They always welcome donations - clothes, books, toys, kitchen stuff - but not big white goods.

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