Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dead Easy Spaghetti

I have stopped using tinned tomatoes and tomato paste. I find it a bit bitter & strong in flavour. A friend introduced me to the Passata - Italian jar of smooth mashed tomatoes. It is sweet. Also, I used to hate chucking out half used tins of tomato paste. So this is a one-jar recipe.

You need:
1 onion
grated veg (carrot, zucchini)
1 jar of Passata
1 bag of dried pasta

1. Brown the mince and onion.
2. Add grated veg. & Passata
3. Serve with cooked pasta

Every Monday we have Pasta (it seems), as Tuesday is my shopping day, which means there's not much left in the pantry.

You can buy 12 jars of Passata from the Italian fruit & veg shop for $13.

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