Saturday, April 16, 2011

When One is Enough - LBD

I wish I had the perfect Audrey Hepburn Little Black Dress - One.

Instead, I have Four.

Black Witchery puffy dress
This was bought at a sale. I have been quite happy with this dress. Easy to maintain. Simple. Flattering. I have worn it to a few weddings. The only thing is, as my body shape is changing after kids (sigh), I don't feel so comfortable wearing sleeveless. So I sort of need a cardigan.

George assymetrical dress
Also bought at a sale. Worn once. It's beautiful. Slinky and very well made. But for some reason, it just doesn't look good. And I bought it mostly because it was reduced a lot. George is a great brand. It was reduced from $300 to $80. But if I have only worn it once, it's not really a bargain, is it! I've decided to never buy at a sale rack again, but that's another post.

Turtleneck sleeveless dress
I bought this after having two babies when I felt like I had nothing to wear except horrible breastfeeding tops. And out of sheer desperation and lack of time, I bought it at a cheap shop having fit in the shopping between breastfeeding. $50. I still wear it occasionally.

Myer lace dress
I bought it for my brother-in-law's wedding. I love this dress. It's very Simple, comes down to the knee, and the lace is glamourous. I think this will be my One Dress.

Now what do I do with the other three...??


  1. sell them on gumtree? I bought some clothes for the kids off gumtree. The mum had a boy and a girl a bit older than mine. :)

  2. yes, I do like gumtree. I just gotta get motivated and get some pictures up!!
    Is your gumtree friend local or does she post? I love second-hand clothes for kids. :)