Saturday, April 16, 2011


People give me Gifts. There are very generous people in my life. But how I wish they wouldn't! But I don't know how to explain politely that I don't need Stuff anymore.

I'm thinking of being very specific and asking for Experience Gifts.

Movie tickets
Theatre tickets
Opera tickets
Ballet tickets
Concert tickets
Plane tickets (!)
Lunch out at a restaurant
Voucher to a facial or massage
Hair treatment
Harbour bridge climb

When I survey the stuff around my house, a lot of it has been given to me. It's like other (well-meaning) people get to define what my house looks and feels like. I used to feel bad about this and hold on to a lot of things. But moving a few times (10 years of marriage = 6 houses), help to clarify what I really NEED and what I really LIKE. The rest can go.

Here are some present ideas for Kids:

Movie ticket
Lunch out at their favourite restaurant
Coffee date at the local cafe
Visit to the zoo
Visit to the farm
Ferry ride
Bike ride at Homebush Bicentennial Park
Bus trip into the city
Australian Museum
Powerhouse Museum
Maritime Museum
Botanical Gardens
Art Gallery of NSW
State Library
Sydney Observatory (There's a Lego Room there!!!) Lego fun at Sydney Observatory

One of my friends at church told me that her mum's gifts to her three boys is a Special Day out with Grandma. She doesn't give them Stuff. She doesn't give them Toys. She takes them out on a special trip, and takes photos on the trip, prints the photos and gives them to the boys as part of the Present. I LOVE this!!!

Link to another post: Byron's blog: Nothing New Under the Sun

*Picture: I can't wait till I can take my little girl (now 2) to the ballet. Maybe when she is 6.


  1. One thing I would add - voucher for high tea! :)

  2. oh yes!!! My friend took her three young daughters there...they absolutely loved it!

  3. the lego room isn't so good :p