Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I need to do something about the Play Room

We have a Play Room which is sort of a Living Room as well as a thoroughfare. It's hard to keep this space tidy as I don't have any storage facility except three bookcases.

I've edited and edited but to no avail.

I've come to the conclusion that the only solution is to buy a small low-line white storage cupboard. Or credenza, or sideboard. I would like to HIDE everything in them...books, toys, craft materials, pencils, puzzles, paper, tins, marbles, games etc.

I can't keep the bookshelves tidy and looking good, so they can all go into the cupboard and I can just CLOSE the doors.

Now, where do I source these white storage cupboards? If they can cost under $4000 and be hand-made in Finland, in oak, and of modernist design, that would be perfect. :p


  1. You got Rose cottage - lovely :)
    No assistance with the sideboard - what about Ikea or is that a no go for you guys?

  2. I don't mind ikea products :) I just don't like going (i.e. getting lost in) there. Ideally I would like someone to sell me their granny's 1950s retro sideboard for about $500 :)

  3. And it would be so much nicer!