Monday, February 6, 2012

New Rule: One In Two Out

One In Two Out.

I think this will help me speed up my "Minimising Crap in my Home" process.

Over Christmas, I got lazy and on holiday mode, didn't adhere much to my old rule, "One In One Out". Now that January is already gone, it's back to business...

I am about to pop out No. 3. In nine days in fact.

It's very exciting. But also a bit daunting. I have forgotten all about sleepless nights...and newborn baby cries...and pooey nappies...

We didn't find out the gender. So currently, we have both sets of girls and boys clothing. And I'm sure we will be given stacks more by very generous friends and family. I'm in a way looking forward to sorting everything out once baby comes.

I'm going to grab a big bag and put everything BOY in bet is that it's a Girl. It feels like a Girl. But then again, I've been wrong on All occasions. ;)

Anyway, back to this rule. It's a great rule. And Like for Like. Bring in two new toys...I donate four toys. Similar size, weight, volume...

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