Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

I didn't get round to writing in December, with three birthdays (Bad Planning) and Christmas. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.

Now that the excitement of Birthday and Christmas is over for both's time to get SORTED!

They received 22 new toys over the festive season. Yes, both my children AND Husband have their birthdays in December. So as you can imagine...the amount of gifts we receive is...well, overwhelming to say the least!!!

But my extended family have been very thoughtful and kind. Instead of loading them up with excessive amounts of plastic toys, they have given little things like:

1. Japanese doll case with hair clips, elastics etc
2. A small white handbag
3. A snorkel
4. A book

Simple, small gifts.

Thank you!

Now to donating/purging old toys...


  1. I wish my family would follow suit! My 9 year old for the first time ever let me purge his room without complaint. Was so lovely to get rid of so much stuff and even better that he was willing for me to do so. For the younger two I still need to do it w/o them

  2. that's great!!!

    I find that I now need my son's permission (aged 6) to purge. He is happy to donate things if he has received something new. When I donate without his permission he gets quite upset (understandably). It doesn't matter that the toy was old/broken/never played with!!