Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Minimalist Travels

Image from (Japanese mountaineering backpacks: hobo)

I'm heading for a short OS holiday at the end of the year. I wonder if I can do it with four backpacks. Actually, it's gotta be three. One large for Huband, one medium one for me, one small one for the 5 year old.

I can't imagine my 2 year old girl carrying too much!

We are not swimming/beaching so that eliminates swimmers and bulky beach towels. And thongs. And it's mild Autumn weather so I won't need thick jackets and coats.

This is what I will be taking:

3 shirts, 2 pants, 1 jacket
3 undies, 1 pyjamas
3 socks, 2 shoes

5 year old boy
5 shirts, 5 pants, 2 jackets
7 undies, 1 pyjamas
7 socks, 2 shoes
1 hat

2 year old girl
5 shirts, 5 pants, 3 jackets
7 undies, 1 pyjamas
7 socks, 2 shoes
1 hat

shampoo, conditioner, comb
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
contacts, solution
glasses, sunglasses
facewashers, hankerchief, towels
nail clippers, deodrant, paw paw
cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen

Bible, book, notebook, diary, pen
camera, charger
wallet, cash
passport, travel documents

Kids related
water bottles, snacks
nappies, wipes
pram, cotton wrap, cot sheet
medicine kit
toys, books, games, bedtime friends
colouring in books & pencils & stickers (for the plane trip)

I wonder if I can fit all this into three backpacks.

And as much as I would like to pack for Husband, he tells me he is a grown man and can pack for himself. :)


  1. If you took an ipod touch, that could be your Bible, (audio)book, notebook, & diary & would provide colouring & games for the kids ;) Does the airline provide kids packs on the plane?

  2. I leave my husband to pack for himself too: he usually takes as much as me and the boys and the Christmas presents combined.

  3. Seems like alot on paper! You can for sure!! I only brought one small case for us....
    iPhone was my notebook, diary etc. Obviously I had to bring a small notebook just incase. I had one pair of shoes and worn another pair on the plane.
    I brought one pack colour pencils, small notepad, her fav bedtime book, drawing thingy with the magnetic pen,. She didn't really care or use it (apart from theplenty and cuddle toy) plenty to do on the plane and when you get there.

    One thing I would do is bring a spare pant for you and the kids on the plane!!

    Gifts - I brought light easy to pack gifts for family and friends.

    I found my case was full of snacks if anything as I don't know what they have there.

    Alastair was impressive when he visited family in nz with p. Just one bag with all the Xmas gifts and one bag I packed for P (plus a stroller)! Men don't have to bring as much as us!!!!

  4. O yes forgot to your airline to see if they do children pack. Save you bringing pencils!!

  5. thanks for tips!!!

    @Becky - did Al do one bag as carry on?

    And, what sort of gifts did u take? All I can think of at the moment are Australian wine, organic honey and perfume. ALL HEAVY!

  6. Haha this might sound like cheap skate but I brought some Australian shoulder bag / tea towel etc from hot dollar shop. Actually quite good quality and aunties etc love it.
    Brought one or two things from duty free for family but that's about it!

    o I think Alastair did have a hand luggage. I packed too many children clothing for them!! Lesson learnt, kids don't need as much.

  7. yes, and you can always wash :)
    thanks for tip. I'm going to have a look. You also gave me a good idea...ugg boots (bulky but not heavy), and kangaroo skin things e.g. bags

  8. looks like a good list Glorya. I reckon it will fit. you didn't list any shorts...

    you are very organised. packing will be a breeze when the day comes!

  9. thanks cat.
    I don't wear shorts unless it's 40C!! :)