Saturday, June 4, 2011

Minimalist Camping

OK, technically, camping is not exactly Minimalist.

However, I would argue that when you are camping, life suddenly becomes very very simple. You are not busy. You are not going out to cafes and restaurants. You are not shopping. You are not checking your emails. You are not driving a car. You are not going anywhere!

You are There, and you are enjoying the green space, eating simple meals, and spending Time with your loved ones. Lots of time!

Life is pared back and simple.

You are swimming, sleeping, looking up at the stars, starting a camp fire, reading a book, having a cup of tea and playing with your kids.

So yes, you have LOTS of gear to pack. But that minor point aside, once you are there, it's Simple. So I would say that camping is a Minimalist Holiday.

This is our packing list: (thanks to the Saunders Family).

tent, bunks, sleeping bags, sheets, cot
table, food cupboard, folding chairs
buckets, cooking gear, gas lighter, wine tumblers, containers
scourer, paper towel, tea towels, dish liquid
hammock, picnic blanket
frisbee, ball, cards, beach toys, tea set
walkies, mobile

Day clothes, hats, jumpers
swimming bag, swimmers, floaties, beach towel
thongs, sneakers

2 toiletries bags
sunscream, toothbrushes, soap
bath towels, wipes, nappies, plastic bags
first aid

Car trip
drink bottles, sandwiches, nibblies
pillows, bedtime friends

Of course, we look completely dishevelled by the end of the two weeks. But we are refreshed, energerised and have created some amazing family memories. That's why we love it.

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