Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why I am a Minimalist

My sister-in-law asked me today why I wanted to be a Minimalist...I started to explain, going off in various tangents, and before I knew it, her eyes were glazed over!!! ;)

I need to work out a succinct way of explaining, to grab their attention, and to interestingly present the case FOR minimalism.

1. Essentially, I have Enough. I am content. It is a lie that we need to acquire more stuff to be Happy.

2. It is better for the environment, and socially, it is responsible. I cannot keep consuming, and the economy cannot keep growing. The resources are finite, and I cannot keep buying/using/disposing indefinitely. (This is the extent of my understanding of Economics 101).

3. With minimalist lifestyle I have less to clean, dust, wash, wipe, sort through, insure, play with, pack away and essentially less stress over Stuff.

4. Janet Jackson is right! The best things in life are free: the sunshine, the smile of your spouse, the smell of your kids' hair, a cup of tea with a good friend*, the swing at the park, a bike ride around the beach & eternal life through Jesus. All free!!!

*might cost you 20 cents. :)

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