Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wearing One Outfit

I wore one outfit for 9 days straight last winter. And no-one noticed or cared!!! (including Husband - hahaha). I was going through a brain-dead period without enough sleep. The kids were taking turns getting up at night. So one morning I thought, why not? I like this outfit. Eliminate one more decision I gotta make in the morning. So it became my Uniform.

The Outfit
Black dress
Black leggings
Cream knit cardigan
Ugg boots

Pretty bland and boring, but that's the beauty of it! It was my Uniform.

I washed it after Day 5.

Here is a link to Radical Minimalist, a 26 year old blogger from Chicago, who ditched everything, job, house, Stuff, and is now roaming the world with a Minimalist view on life. She writes about wearing the same outfit to work every day for seven weeks. She doesn't talk about laundry however...I do wonder if she washed it once or twice a week?? And how she dried it overnight. Maybe she just wore it for 5 days straight. Girls don't sweat/stink that much!
Here: Radical Minimalist

When I put it up on FB as my status back then, I got a few interesting responses. From "What, you are disgusting!? We can't be friends" to "I applaude you. You are obviously from the future, because in the future, everyone will be wearing uniforms"

Hilarious :)


  1. That's great!

    I re-wear skirts and pants as often as I can, especially if the second or third day is one where I stay home all day, because then I don't care if it's got a bit crumpled or has mushed up pumpkin dried onto it. Shirts... well, I live in North Queensland and we really do sweat here, so I haven't been game to just yet, but I should give it a go in the cool-ish months.

  2. thanks for your comment Susan. Yes, weather is a challenge :)