Monday, May 2, 2011

Minimalist Cooking: Chocolate Truffles

Dead easy recipe: even I can do this! :) And I love these.

Chocolate Truffles

200g sweet biscuits - crumbs
1 can condensed skim milk
150g dark chocolate - chopped
shredded coconut

1. Crumbs in a large bowl
2. Heat condensed milk and choc in pan, low heat, until choc melt
3. Pour over crumbs
4. Chill for 10 minutes until firm
5. Roll mixture into little balls, roll in coconut
6. Refrigerate and eat cold


*Please note: your truffles will probably look like the one second from the left.


  1. Those look delicious!

    I'm enjoying reading your blog... thanks for commenting over @miniMum

  2. Thanks Jess. I love your before and after photos! very inspiring :)