Sunday, May 8, 2011

Everybody has a weakness

Everybody has a weakness.

Everybody has that One thing you can't help but accumulate. It might be teapots, or black dresses, or bikes (Husband). But for me, it's kids books. I can't stop buying kids books. I love picture books. Of course, I try to shop mostly at op-shops and so minimise the demand for new things. But I also love buying online (Book Depository). I can't help it.

What to do, what to do...

I've read about the 100 Things Challenge online, where people are trying to get down to owning only a 100 things, but they often count books in One Lot. I guess they can't help it either!

Some ideas:

1. I will round up all the kids books in the house and actually do some counting. When I see how many I own already, maybe I won't feel the need to buy more!!

2. I love using the local library. So instead of feeling the need to own Every Good Kids Book, I will borrow more. You could also make suggestions to the librarian if they don't have a particular author you really like. At my local library, you can borrow 25 per card (so with my two kids, we can borrow 75!).

3. Edit, edit edit - and just keep the very best. Not "Mr" and "Miss" books. They are dreadful! Have you ever tried to read them out loud? I want to just keep the very best e.g. Dr De Soto (William Steig), Where the Wild Things are (Maurice Sendak), Willy the Wimp (Anthony Brown) etc.
4. Donate to good friends - it's often easier to be "generous" and give to people around you. So if I have a double up of something, or a couple of books that are very similiar (for e.g I have about 7 Miffy books & 18 Peter Rabbit books), then I can give them away. That is, if they don't mind second hand books.

5. Enlist the help of your children - they can go through the books with me and donate the ones they don't read anymore. It's good for me to teach them to Edit, and to Give.

6. Give yourself a physical limit (this is a good tip from Byron) - so I have given myself a small bookcase for the kids books. If they don't fit, some gotta go. One in, one out!!

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