Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Linen Cupboards

I have two linen cupboards. Tall. Skinny. White. I quite like the smell of them. They are old. Like the house.

One side, I keep bed linen.

The other side, I keep towels.

I am trying to work out how many I actually need for my little family of 4. Do I need 4 beach towels? or 8? or 12 just in case friends need them too?

I am trying to work out how many I actually need rather than "just in case", and how many I need so that I am not washing every day. I think Miss Minimalist's One is a bit extreme! ;) (Awesome blog!)

Miss Minimalist

And what about bath towels? I think I could cope with two.

At the end of the day, no matter what the number, it is about editing. For the first time in my life, I had a linen cupboard - at my last rental place - and it got crammed full of stuff. Mostly stuff that we've been given. I think at last count, I had 26 beach towels???? I've now donated most of them, and own 8.


  1. Bath towels - We have 3 matching sets of bath towels (green, blue and brown), but I think we really only need 2 - one set to use, one set in the wash. We've got a few "odd" towels to take away on camps etc (so we don't lose part of our nice sets - I'm like them to match!).

    Beach towels - I think we have 5? This is enough. We often take only 2-3 towels to the beach for the 4 of us to share (less stuff to carry).

    Sheets - For adults, 2 sets is enough (one to use, one in the wash) - although I think we have 3. But, while our kids are still little, we have quite a few sets of single bed sheets - I'd love to cull this pile, but not until we move past the bed-wetting/tummy-bug catching stage.

  2. Yes, bed-wetting stage...I think we'll be holding onto our huge pile for a while ;)

    2 sets for sheets, and 2 sets for towels. Very sensible. And neat!