Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Too much Storage

My kitchen at my new place is huge. It's approximately four times the size of my previous kitchen.

There is too much storage. And too much storage is a Minimalist's nightmare!

It's all too easy to put away things, and forget about it...all the things I never use.

I have 8 (yes, seriously!) overhead kitchen cabinets, not to mention the storage underneath the benchtops. What do we need and what do we own, that we need so much storage?
Popcorn machine?
Deep fryer?

I have some beautiful handmade teacups that I am "Storing". I bought them from a small art gallery in Congo down the NSW coast. They are very beautiful. I am "storing" them because I can't actually use them. The teacups get too hot with tea in them. Go figure.

So what do I do with them?

This is what I mean by too much storage.

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