Monday, March 5, 2012

What I gave away on Freecycle this week

What I listed on Freecyle this week:

1. Two wooden puzzles (gone)
2. One earthenware stew pot (gone)
3. Eight music CDs (gone)
4. Four Chinese paper lanterns (no takers)
5. A wooden white single bed frame (no takers)

One of the postings on freecycle recently stated, "OFFER: bag of baby clothes sizes 000-0. Pick up from Thornleigh. Please state when you can pick up. No sob stories".

I thought that was hilarious!

I got my own sob story today.

"Could I please have the earthenware pot? I am coming from Beecroft, but I'm not sure if I can pick up today, as my 17 year old Poodle is dying, and I need to spend more time with her, and she can't stand up properly".


I should have more's probably true.

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