Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too Much Choice

I bought some undergarments recently. The last time I purchased underwear was approx. three years ago. It was high time actually.

Even a Minimalist can't survive on four underpants. :)

So I go into Target...there are rows and rows of undergarments. I began to feel quiet overwhelmed and a bit stressed about all the different choices available - the colours, the patterns, the designs, the materials, the prices etc.

In the end, I chose a simple pack of 5 plain black cotton ones.

I don't know if this is a Minimalist thing or a slight unhealthy OCD thing...but the overwhelming choice is ridiculous and unnecessary. Why does this one shop have about 80 different types underwear? Do we really need this? Is this what we call Freedom and Choice?

Some people love doing a very thorough research when they need to buy something. They search high and low for the best quality, best price, best everything...but for me, give me four things and I will choose one out of the four. I find too much choice quite debilitating.

I think this is why we like Choice.

And also shops like Top 3. Where somebody else has chosen the "top three" items, all ready and picked out for you.

Too much choice = Headache for a Minimalist.

Give me Simplicity!

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