Sunday, June 12, 2011

Minimalist Medicine Kit

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I remember reading about a backpacker who was on the road for some months, she had two film canisters (remember those?) as her medical kit.

In it she had something like 2 safety pins, 2 asprin, 2 Imodium tablets, and 2 bandaids.

As much as I would like to travel lightly like this (!), I cannot, as I have a little family to look after.

Packing for 2 weeks trip:
Panadol & Nurofen (plus Dispensers)
Bandaids & Antiseptic cream
Panadol (adults) & Cold & Flu tablets
Paw paw ointment & Saline
Safety pins & Tweezers
Hand sanitary gel

There are other things I could pack like scissors, gloves, instant cold pack, gauze pads and tape. But I'm going to Korea and you can get most of those things there! I just want to travel light, and to get-by until we can get help if there's a more serious injury.

For now, lots of Winnie the Pooh and Transformer Bandaids will suffice. :)


  1. Nice - with all our allergy stuff we managed to get our medical kit into a 1L plastic container. Not bad I think... Oh, the asthma puffer and spacer didn't get in that though...D'oh. I don't think we'll ever be minimalist in that department!

  2. it's a completely different ball game with allergies. 1L sounds pretty compact to me!!

  3. You have just reminded me that I'm pretty bad!! I never bring any firstaid things with me to camping or out. must remember it next time. I have 2 plasters and her antihistamines in my handbag at all time and that't it.