Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minimalist Wardrobe: shoes

All good Minimalist blogs start with an inventory of the wardrobe...starting with shoes!

I'm afraid I own 16 pairs of shoes.

I don't know how this has happened. I guess you just keep buying, without thinking. Without thinking, "I have enough". I want to get down to 8.

The list:

2 uggs - one short, one long
1 black flat shoes
2 pairs of heels - black, white
4 pairs of sneakers - blue, brown, white, orange
2 knee high boots - black, brown
1 ankle boots - black
1 thongs
1 Birkenstock
1 sandals
1 Hockey shoes

I only wear 3 regularly (summer) - red thongs, silver Birkies and brown leather sandals.

So...really, I only need 3 for Summer. And 3 for aim for 6, rather than 8?


  1. I think 8 is reasonable. I go with:
    1. Birkenstocks
    2. Dress shoes - red
    3. Dress shoes- black
    4. Runners/walking shoes
    5. Uggs
    6. Ballet flats
    7. Black knee high boots
    8. Winter birkenstocks

    Maybe that's too many but that's as far as I can get down! This is from a woman who probably used to have 40 pairs at any given time...

  2. very good Amanda! this is admirable.

  3. tell me, winter birkies? like clogs?

  4. I realise that females face a different challenge with shoes, but I'm aiming at three pairs: slippers, everyday stout black shoes (double as dress shoes) and sandals (for heat - not really needed in Scotland, so I sub in a pair of heavier boots for rain/mud/hill-walking.

    I do currently also have a second older (nearly worn out) pair of black all-purpose shoes, which I wanted to get fixed (since it is mainly the sole that I always wear out first), but have been having trouble locating somewhere that will bother to fix rather than replace, a pair of lighter brown shoes that I very occasionally wear during summer here (I think they could be a fourth pair if I was in Sydney - or rather, might replace my heavier black shoes as everyday) and a pair of sneakers for sport. I'm such a sporty guy that I think I have worn them maybe five to ten times in about seven or eight years. They ought to go, I guess.

  5. OK, so realistically, perhaps I need five: (1) slippers/uggs, (2) black dress/everyday, (3) lighter brown everyday/casual, (4) boots, (5) sandals.

  6. 3 would be perfect.

    "sporty guy"...HAHAHA!!

    I should count how many cycling shoes Luke owns. But first, I need to declutter my lot!

  7. Are you laughing at my sporting prowess? My fragile masculinity is deeply threatened. I'll take you on in a sweaty chess workout any day...

  8. don't feel threatened Byron!! you know you will kick my butt at chess...or any other brainy activity for that matter! I might, however, beat you at recycling.

  9. Perhaps so. But what about carbon footprint (or total ecological footprint)? Maybe it would be nice to see a little more social competitiveness over such things...

  10. hehehe...may I boast...
    I think I eat too much meat to beat you on that one. I would like to eat 5 meals veggo, 1 fish & 1 meat. I'm yet to convert Husband

  11. Seven meals a week? You'd be very hungry... ;-)

    My own experience was less sudden conversion than gradual progression (which continues).